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Превью четвертого номера

For Owlman
Я на тебе как на черве, а на черве - как на тебе, но я устал, и съеден спайс, беру стилсьют, иду в свой съетч.

The fourth issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws sees Starfire walloping in a winter wonderland. Which is not to be confused with the more festive and holiday appropriate ‘wassailing.’ This is more painful and explosive than all that, unless your caroling troupe has a really dynamite falsetto.

This guy Crux has a mad-on for aliens, even if they look more human than he does these days. That’s bad news for Kori, but tremendous news for readers, as artist Kenneth Rocafort gets to unleash some cosmic fury on these pages. The characters are so stunning, you might not mind their battle is laying waste to the virginal snow of this Thomas Kinkade village. Fireworks in December? Sounds like fun to me. (с) Paul Montgomery

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